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So yeah... I have not Kept up this part of the site. Even a little bit. But uh, here's another entry...
Eh hem...
#4 Funded.
So this Is a thing now >> Site is growing... would love to allow comments on such on this page... gonna need to figure that out. More Metal cards packed and labeled for shipping today as well, and figured out AI Art...
...which is pretty neat to me.
More Cards arrived as well!

Catch ya next UPDATE!

Cody Fernandez

IronVerse Comics
Howdy Foplks! So much for weekly updates here eh? Well, As I am sure youy can empathize with, I've been beat lately, but some things are just too good not to share!
Issue #4 Of Jack irons: The Steel Cowboy is on the road to funding! I am extremely excited for this issue, for MANY MANY REASONS< and hope you'll come along with us on the ride! Pre Launch Sign Up at top of the site ;)

ON other fronts, Issue #3's campaign is fufilled! We are just in the catch up/replacement phase, alongside finishing up the Metal Card delivery and The figure Painting, which I hope to conclude by end of this month.
Till next time, I'll catch you on that Rusty trail!
Cody Fernandez
IronVerse Comics